Steel Dawn Expansion Brings Brotherhood of Steel to Fallout 76

Steel Dawn Expansion Brings Brotherhood of Steel to Fallout 76

Help the Brotherhood of Steel rebuild the wasteland in the latest Fallout 76 expansion.

Steel Dawn, the latest expansion for Fallout 76, marks the arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel to the Appalachian wasteland. The free expansion introduces a brand new questline focused around the armor-clad faction. It also adds new locations and building options for those looking to spruce up their campsite.

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Trailer

Although the Steel Dawn expansion was originally scheduled to release in December, Fallout 76 players got a special surprise last week when Steel Dawn launched prematurely on Xbox. Rather than try to fix the mistake, Bethesda chose to release the expansion on all platforms instead. The Steel Dawn expansion is available now and is free to all Fallout 76 players.

Steel Dawn kicks off the first part of the extensive Brotherhood of Steel questline in Fallout 76. Players will meet and work with key members of the Brotherhood of Steel, such as Paladin Leila Rahmani. New weapons and armor are up for grabs for those who help the faction secure valuable resources. Whether you choose to work for or against the Brotherhood, your decisions ultimately shape the faction’s influence throughout the wasteland.

The latest expansion also adds something for those looking to renovate their C.A.M.P. in Fallout 76. Steel Dawn introduces the C.A.M.P. Shelters system, which offers a new way for players to build “instanced interiors” for their campsite. Basically, the new system allows players to expand their C.A.M.P. with customizable underground Vaults. These Vault shelters are built separately from the main C.A.M.P. and can be redecorated in a variety of ways. You can find out more about CAMP Shelters in the developer gameplay interview below.

Stay tuned for more Fallout 76 updates and be sure to visit the Bethesda website for more on the Steel Dawn expansion.