Fallout 76 Gets Huge Inventory Update

Fallout 76 Gets Huge Inventory Update

The update comes with a stash increase, Pip-Boy improvements, and more.

Bethesda has just unleashed the first big update of the year for Fallout 76. The Inventory Update comes with various inventory management changes and a slew of bug fixes. Many of the changes are quality-of-life improvements, such as new Pip-Boy menu tabs and carry weight adjustments. Check out the video below for a look at what the Inventory Update has to offer.

Inventory Update Overview

One of the biggest changes being made with the Inventory Update is the Stash increase. This highly requested change increases the player Stash weight limit by 50%. The new Stash maximum is now 1,200 pounds, giving players plenty of room for all the loot they collect throughout the wasteland.

The update also introduces Stack Weight to Fallout 76. Stackable items in your inventory will now list how much weight the stack is using. This will help players better manage their inventory by seeing which stacked items are causing extra weight burden.

This update also sees new UI improvements and updates for the Pip-Boy. Three tabs have been added to the Pip-Boy item menu: New, Armor, and Food/Drinks. The New tab lets players easily see the newest items they’ve gathered during their current play session. The Armor tab allows players to keep their armor separate from other clothing or apparel. Food and drinks have been removed from Aid and into their own tab. However, it is worth noting that Chems and Serums still fall under the Aid section.

Vending machines are also getting some adjustments in the Inventory Update. When previewing another player’s Vending Machine on the map, players will now see the number of different legendary weapons and armor the player has for sale. Vending Machines will no longer show empty categories, either.

Bethesda has several in-game events lined up for the months ahead in Fallout 76. The Valentine’s Day-themed “Spread the Love” event is currently underway until February 16, while the fan-favorite Fasnacht event will begin next month. Check out the full Inventory Update patch notes for a complete list of bug fixes and improvements.