Expeditions: Rome Announced for PC with New Gameplay Trailer

Expeditions: Rome Announced for PC with New Gameplay Trailer

Lead a Roman legion against rebel forces in Expeditions: Rome later this year.

Today, Denmark-based development studio Logic Artists announced Expeditions: Rome, the newest installment to the Expeditions RPG series. Alongside the announcement, publisher THQ Nordic has released two new trailers for Expeditions: Rome, including one revealing the game’s turn-based combat and gameplay. Both trailers are available below.

Expeditions: Rome Announcement Trailer

Expeditions: Rome is a classic, story-driven RPG that features a fully voiced narrative shaped by player choice. As your military strength and leadership grows, so will your reputation. How you choose to resolve situations will ultimately determine your legacy as a Roman leader.

In Expeditions: Rome, players slip on the sandals of Legatus, a young Roman tasked with leading their legion against rebel forces from Greece. North Africa, Gaul, and Greece are among the many places players will visit throughout their military campaign.

Expeditions: Rome Gameplay Trailer

The game features turn-based combat and utilizes a skill-based system that uses weaponry to determine your tactical capabilities on the battlefield. Alongside Legatus, players will get to know five different companions, each with their own unique backstory to uncover. Each character can also be leveled up with various skills and passive abilities.

Expeditions: Rome is currently in development for PC and is expected to release later this year. Check out the game on Steam and visit the Expeditions series website for more details.