Feldbinder Trailers Are Coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2

Feldbinder Trailers Are Coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2

The developers have shared several in-progress screenshots of the upcoming Feldbinder trailers.

On Thursday, developer SCS Software provided a progress update on the upcoming Feldbinder trailers headed to Euro Truck Simulator 2. Vehicle artists from the development team ventured to Germany to gain design inspiration straight from the manufacturer. The studio shared several work-in-progress screenshots of the trailers in-game, which you can find on the latest SCS Soft blog post.

The studio has reached the “final phases of development” on the upcoming Feldbinder trailers and may release them before the year’s end. No release date has been determined just yet, however.

“Whilst our teams are still working hard on this project, and we are confident that these trailers could be released before the end of the year; we cannot confirm a release date just yet!” said the developers. “We will be sure to let you know once we are 100% set on a release date.”

SCS Soft encourages players to follow their social media channels to stay up to date on the latest announcements for Euro Truck Simulator 2, including the Feldbinder trailer release date. Be sure to check back here for more ETS2 news and updates as well.