Elite Dangerous Opens Up FPS-Style Conflict Zones in Latest Odyssey Alpha Phase

Elite Dangerous Opens Up FPS-Style Conflict Zones in Latest Odyssey Alpha Phase

The ongoing Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha enters phase 2 by opening more space and conflict zones with actual Commander FPS gameplay.

Frontier Developments has expanded the ongoing Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha to include on-planet conflict zones that give players their first taste of a first-person shooter experience. This second stage of the Odyssey Alpha will expand the playable area to 20 light years and grants players access to their own starships. Adventurous Commanders can also drop in to perilous Conflict Zones by signing in with the Frontline Solutions mercenary company.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Conflict Zones

The list of new features available in the second phase of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Alpha phases include:

  • Conflict Zones on foot are now accessible through the Frontline Solutions front desk
  • Commanders will have free access to starships and will be immediately issued with a Cobra Mk III, including multi crew seats
  • Expanded playable area of the galaxy to approximately 20 light years
  • New space suit available for purchase: Manticore Dominator combat suit
  • New starting system: Nervi
  • 300,000 starting credits for new Commanders (This amount will also be added to existing Alpha Commanders’ balances)

For the full list of added features, including a list of known issues – this is an alpha and bugs are to be expected – see the official Frontier forum post.

The full release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is planned for later this spring, with the popular space sim making its way to PlayStation and Xbox consoles sometime this fall. Stay tuned for all the latest in the ongoing alpha by keeping an eye on our Elite Dangerous coverage.