Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Lands on PC in May

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Lands on PC in May

Console editions of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will release sometime this fall.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is almost here, with PC players being the first to explore planets on foot next month. Today, Frontier Developments announced that the expansion will release on May 19, 2021 for Windows PC. The expansion will release for console players on PlayStation and Xbox later this year.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Release Date

The Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion marks the first time Commanders will be able to disembark from their ship to explore planets on foot. The expansion includes new missions and combat encounters, as well as custom gear specialized for certain operations. Regardless of career path, players will be able to meet up with other Commanders in designated social hubs found throughout the galaxy.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion will release on May 19 for $39.99 USD. Those looking to squeeze in some play time in the current Alpha phase should consider pre-ordering the Deluxe Alpha expansion pack. For $54.99 USD, this pack includes the main Odyssey expansion, the official soundtrack, and access to the Alpha phase, which ends on April 30. The PC version of Odyssey can be purchased from Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Frontier Store. The console version of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is expected to release during Fall 2021.