Elite Dangerous: Horizons Becomes a Free Update in October

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Becomes a Free Update in October

Players who previously bought the Horizons expansion will receive an exclusive in-game paint job.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the premium expansion that brought planetary landings and surface exploration to the space epic, will be available for free starting in October. All content from Horizons will be incorporated into the base game as a free update. The update will be free for all players, and those who previously purchased Horizons will be compensated with an exclusive in-game paint job.

The Horizons update introduced loads of new features to the game, most notably the ability to land on planets. Weapon crafting and multicrew co-op play were introduced as well, along with ground vehicle exploration. All the seasonal content from Horizons will become free for all Elite Dangerous Commanders on October 27, 2020. Horizons will remain on sale until October 26 to allow players to obtain the exclusive Azure paint job and other Horizons owner rewards.

Today, developer Frontier also unleashed “Forging Your Path,” the second developer diary for Elite Dangerous’ upcoming expansion, Odyssey. Just as Horizons introduced planetary landings to the game, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will introduce first-person, on-foot gameplay on planets across the galaxy. This will be the first time Elite Dangerous players will actually set foot on planets. The massive Odyssey expansion will arrive for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in early 2021.

The second developer diary explores player agency and the ability to shape how your story unfolds in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The video also shows what up-close interactions with other characters looks like now that players will be able to explore bases and outposts on foot. Check out the video above for more information. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for future Elite Dangerous news and updates.