Dwarf Fortress is Coming to Steam and Itch.io

Dwarf Fortress is Coming to Steam and Itch.io

Developer Bay 12 Games has teamed up with publisher Kitfox Games to bring a premium version of Dwarf Fortress to Steam and itch.io, complete with actual graphics.

Dwarf Fortress, the classic fort-building simulation that paved the way for games like Minecraft and Rimworld, is coming to Steam and Itch.io. Publisher Kitfox Games has teamed up with Bay 12 Games to help give Dwarf Fortress the modern upgrade it deserves. Check out the announcement trailer below for a glimpse at what’s to come.

While the original ASCII graphics give Dwarf Fortress its charm, a game this legendary could use a new coat of paint. The paid version of Dwarf Fortress will feature graphics, new music, and auto-updates. This should help to attract new players and expand its audience. The new and improved Dwarf Fortress will also come with integrated Steam Workshop support.

Aside from being one of the most complex world simulation games, Dwarf Fortress is notorious for receiving continuous updates for more than 16 years. According to Kitfox’s Dwarf Fortress FAQ, the two sibling developers, Tarn and Zach, are looking to help support their close family members who have developed recent health issues. Publishing a premium version of Dwarf Fortress would help support the developers while expanding the game’s player base. Fans can direct further questions to Tarn during the Dwarf Fortress Reddit AMA happening tomorrow, March 14.

Both the Steam and Itch.io versions of Dwarf Fortress will cost $20 USD. No release date has been announced just yet. However, fans who wish to play the original game without the new bells and whistles can still do so. The ASCII version will remain available for free on the Bay 12 website as Dwarf Fortress Classic.