Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Beta Release Date Announced

Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Beta Release Date Announced

Novaquark has also given an outline of their payment model for Dual Universe ahead of the beta launch.

Dual Universe, the sci-fi MMO game developed by Novaquark, will enter its Beta phase in August. The news was revealed alongside a trailer showing the game’s opening cinematic.

Dual Universe Cinematic Trailer

Dual Universe will begin its Beta phase on August 27, 2020. The game’s NDA will lift at the start of the Beta as well, which means players will be free to stream and create content for the game. Dual Universe is expected to fully launch out of Beta sometime in 2021.

If games like Eve Online or No Man’s Sky are your jam, then Dual Universe may be right up your alley. Dual Universe is a unique MMO that takes place in a continuous, shared world, where everything is capable of being edited. After Earth was destroyed by a neutron star, survivors are tasked to recreate society on far off worlds in undiscovered systems.

Dual Universe offers a series of complex creation tools that give players a breadth of options for altering their surroundings. You can design your own buildings, weapons, and spaceships. There will be a working economy as well. Overall, Dual Universe is attempting to simulate a real society where you are free to shape your world.

“We’ve been working on Dual Universe for over four years, and after completing the foundation for all main gameplay pillars, we’re presenting a solid idea of what this unique game offers to players, and a fully playable game for Beta,” said Novaquark CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie. “This is a huge milestone for us, as it is the culmination of so much hard work from the developers and a direct result of the community’s commitment to improve the game. I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved.”

Dual Universe Pricing

Joining this expansive world comes at a price. Novaquark has opted for a subscription model with several pricing options. Subscriptions begin at $6.99 per month. There are other money-saving options available if you are willing to pay for a longer-term subscription. The 12-month subscription plan will cost you $69.90 instead of $83.88. The three-month plan and six-month plan cost $20.97 and $38.45, respectively. Those who want to play Dual Universe right now can do so for $60. Additional payment details are listed on the Dual Universe website.