Dragon Quest Walk: Square Enix Enters Augmented Reality

Dragon Quest Walk: Square Enix Enters Augmented Reality

A brand new augmented reality game has hit Japan in the form of the long-running series, Dragon Quest.

Square Enix is stepping into the world of augmented reality with a brand new game on mobile devices. Branching from the long-running Dragon Quest series, your adventure begins in the real world with Dragon Quest Walk.

Dragon Quest Walk


Square Enix announced this new augmented reality exploration game based off of the long-running series Dragon Quest. Set in a real-world atmosphere where players will walk and battle monsters in turn-based combat which the series is known for.

In addition to battling monsters, players will be able to build and customize their own houses filling them with decorative items based off of monsters from the Dragon Quest series. Players will also be able to level up their homes along with their characters.

At this time, Dragon Quest Walk is only available in Japan and will have a June 11 beta release date. A worldwide release has not been mentioned but I for one hope that it will be, as I have been a fan of the Dragon Quest series since the NES.

Along with Walk, Dragon Quest XII was also said to be making preparations for development and an official announcement would be made in the future. The last Dragon Quest game to hit the markets was Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

The next Dragon Quest game coming is the sequel to Dragon Quest Builders. Dragon Quest Builders 2 will release on July 12 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, this will keep Dragon Quest fans at bay until we hear more about this latest entry.

Dragon Quest Walk is currently available only in Japan for iOS and Android mobile devices.