DOOM Eternal’s First Major Update Adds Empowered Demons

DOOM Eternal’s First Major Update Adds Empowered Demons

The first update for DOOM Eternal has arrived, adding loads of free content and a new event to the game.

DOOM Eternal has just received its first major update, less than two months since the game’s March release. The update is available now on all platforms and is completely free. The update adds a new Precious Metals event as well as various gameplay improvements for DOOM Eternal players to enjoy.

Empowered Demons

The first update marks the debut of Empowered Demons in DOOM Eternal. These aren’t your everyday demons. Empowered Demons are variants that have eliminated other players during the campaign, and have since made their way over to your game to wreak havoc. As the name suggests, Empowered Demons are more powerful than regular demons, posing a much greater challenge–and threat–to Slayers looking to take them on.

However, successfully defeating these enhanced foes will grant you bonus event XP and additional resources, so battling them may be worth the risk. If they get to be too much to handle, players can toggle Empowered Demons on and off within the game tab of the main menu.

Precious Metals Event

The new Precious Metals event has kicked off in DOOM Eternal as part of the free update as well. Throughout the in-game event, players can complete weekly challenges and compete in Battlemode or the Campaign to begin earning event XP. New weapon skins, player skins, icons, and nameplates are up for grabs, including the MC Pain Elemental Master Collection. The more you play the game, the more rewards you can unlock. The Precious Metals event is live now in-game and will run until June 18, 2020.

Various gameplay adjustments, balance changes, and quality-of-life fixes have been made to both the Campaign and Battlemode as well. For the full list of changes in this update, head over to the DOOM Eternal Update 1 patch notes. Check back here regularly for future DOOM Eternal updates.