Larian Announces Tactical Spinoff Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Larian Announces Tactical Spinoff Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Return to Rivellon for another riveting tactical adventure alongside a crew of your favorite Godwoken in Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

Independent game developer Larian Studios has teamed up with Danish studio Logic Artists to announce Divinity: Fallen Heroes. The new standalone adventure is a Divinity spinoff that blends tactical gameplay with RPG mechanics.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is an RPG with an XCOM-like twist. The spinoff takes the choices and consequences of an RPG and incorporates them into a full-on strategy game set in the universe of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Build Your Crew

In Divinity: Fallen Heroes, players return to Rivellon aboard the Lady Vengeance to eliminate threats throughout the realm. Players will command a crew that consists mainly of the six original Godwoken characters from Divinity: Original Sin 2. Malady, a former NPC from the previous game, will now be a playable character in Divinity: Fallen Heroes as well. Check out Malady and the rest of the crew in the announcement trailer below.

Being an effective leader comes down to making thoughtful choices. “Aboard the Lady Vengeance, manage your crew through diplomacy. Your choices affect everything,” explains Larian in today’s press release. “Lose faith and you lose heroes. Rally your troops, and you restore hope.”

Divinity: Fallen Heroes introduces new gameplay mechanics that set it apart from its predecessors. Guns and rifles can now be a part of your arsenal for effective long-range combat. Interactive elements, such as the new Sulfurium surface, are great for zoning opponents during battle. With over 30 unit types and more than 200 skills to choose from, players will have plenty of options for building the best crew of heroes.

Co-op Support

You don’t have to brave the depths of Rivellon alone, either. Divinity: Fallen Heroes will support two-player cooperative play for players who want to tackle each mission alongside a friend. The game features “simultaneous co-op,” which allows two players to combine abilities and take turns during combat.

There’s no release date yet for Divinity: Fallen Heroes, but Larian plans to release the game on “multiple platforms” sometime in 2019. Fans can go hands-on with an early build of the game at PAX East in Boston on March 28. For more information on the game and its features, head over to the game’s official website.