Iron Banner Returns to Destiny 2 Next Week

Iron Banner Returns to Destiny 2 Next Week

The Iron Banner returns to Destiny 2 next week, and I’ve actually got to play this one for real if I hope to enjoy what remains of the Season of the Undying.

It seems like just last week we had an Iron Banner event in Destiny 2, and it’s not far off from that. Well, we have another on the horizon. From November 5 until November 12, Guardians can hop into the Iron Banner for cool rewards and a crack at pinnacle gear.

I’ve always been a fan of the Iron Banner. Even when I didn’t need to play it, there was something about it that made me gravitate towards it. Perhaps it was the sets of armor that I generally favor aesthetically, or maybe it was just my competitive side. Either way, I tend to play much more PvP in Destiny 2 when I’m given the chance to hop into the Iron Banner. According to the most recent This Week at Bungie, I’m going to have that chance next week.

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The next Iron Banner will be different, though. For Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and the Season of the Undying, I’m at the maximum base Power one can be without earning pinnacle gear. I’m a 950 Guardian who no longer sees the reason to hop into the Crucible, Gambit, or even to bang out the Flashpoint. My only way forward is pinnacle gear, and that’s difficult to earn without a fire team who is also rocking out near 960 (950 base and +9 from the artifact). The Iron Banner, however, offers me a chance to pick up five pieces of pinnacle gear, which will drop at +2 my base so long as I earn that gear after a planned update later this week on November 7.

Base Power. Pinnacle gear. Talk of +1 and +2. If you find all of it a bit convoluted, you should. Bungie has gone and gummed up the works a bit this season.

Truthfully, I’m not in a good place right now with the Power grind in Destiny 2. I believe the system is far too complicated. End-game content for Season of the Undying is locked behind Power that is too tough to achieve. Power shouldn’t be the main sticking point for content. There happens to be some amazing gameplay in Destiny 2 this season, but many players will miss out on that because they struggle to earn drops from too few activities in Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner will once again take place in the Control game mode. Hop in and start earning progress towards that pinnacle gear, but don’t obtain it until after the update on November 7 so you can get that wonderful +2 instead of that mediocre +1.