Destiny 2 Preps for Cross Save and Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Preps for Cross Save and Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon

Cross save, an exotic weapon, and more lore books await guardians in This Week at Bungie.

Destiny 2 underwent a 12-hour maintenance window in preparation for one of its most exciting features to date. That’s right, Bungie has started to make the steps toward cross save.

Destiny 2 Preps for Cross Save and Lumina HC

Cross save lets you select an active group of characters and play them on any of your connected accounts. When Destiny 2 first hit PC, a lot of players transitioned from console. Without cross save on launch, this meant a lot of players had to start new characters, leaving behind their history on console. Now that cross save is coming, those same PC players could return to console and use their PC Guardians on console. Players can currently sign up at Bungie to be informed when the cross save process will start.

Another exciting addition is Lumina. This Exotic Hand Cannon will be introduced with a quest on July 2, 2019. Little is known about this Hand Cannon, but it’s rumored to focus heavily on supporting teammates.

Consult the Archives Emote

To celebrate the release of another Destiny Grimoire Anthology, a special emote will be available in game. Starting July 2, players can purchase Consult the Archives, which sees their Guardian reading a book. Anyone who purchases the emote will also receive a 20% discount offer for the Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol 2. Fallen Kingdoms.


This offer is only good until July 9, 2019 and if you do order it, I wouldn’t do it in the middle of a raid. My Fireteam suffered this tragedy as I was not paying attention when we were learning how the Last Wish raid worked.

Known Issues

Season of Opulence has come with its fair share of issues. Those benefiting and not benefiting players. After Menagerie was introduced, players were able to repeatedly open the final chest. This allowed players to farm for specific Triumphs. As of July 9, this workaround will be patched out of the game.

Below are the other known issues encountered in Season of Opulence:

  • Iron Banner Year 1 Ornaments can’t be applied to Iron Banner Season 7 armor.
  • “Efrideet’s Gift” Triumph sometimes doesn’t increment when Iron Banner packages are claimed.
  • Safe Haven Triumph won’t unlock.
  • New Player Eververse Packages can’t be claimed.
  • Gyro Ghost Shell Perks aren’t dropping properly.
  • Mars Heroic Adventures aren’t appearing in the Director and must be collected directly from Ana Bray in the Braytech Futurescape.

While cross save and the Lumina hand cannon really highlight This Week at Bungie, I’m really excited to be able to finally pre-order the new Grimoire Anthology book. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our Destiny 2 hubDestiny 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.