Destiny 2 Player Explains Why 960 Base Power is Close to Impossible

Destiny 2 Player Explains Why 960 Base Power is Close to Impossible

It looks like getting to 960 base Power in Destiny 2 is close to impossible.

Well, Guardians, I hate to break it to you, but it appears that 960 Power, the absolute max that one could theoretically achieve for base Power in Destiny 2 right now, is impossible.

While browsing the subreddit today, I stumbled across a post by itztherealmojo, who busted out some rough math that explained all the possible ways a player could achieve 960 base Power, and how it looks as if there aren’t enough drops left in the Season of the Undying to hit the mark. The following bullets are directly from the post with minor edits for readability.

  • Once you hit 950, Pinnacles drop +1 of your base Power not including the artifact
  • Assuming perfect RNG, you need 80 perfect drops with no duplicates to hit 960
  • Currently, there are five Pinnacle drops per week (4 Raid, 1 Nightfall)
  • There are seven weeks left in the season. At 950 Power right now, you have 35 potential drops remaining
  • This leaves 45 drops unaccounted for assuming perfect RNG

The OP goes on to edit the post to include other potential sources for Pinnacle drops, such as Iron Banner, the upcoming Dungeon, and other speculative sources. Even with these, though, players would need near-perfect RNG to achieve the 960 base Power, which is unlikely, if not impossible.

This appears to be a bit of an oversight by Bungie, and I’ll be the first to admit there simply are not enough Tier 2 and Pinnacle drops in Destiny 2 right now. With the mystery removed regarding how much Power a player gets with each drop, it’s now rather tough to get motivated for a drop that is coming in at +3 your base Power, assuming you don’t get an item that is already three points above your base power. The grind for Power is currently in a weird place in Destiny 2, and I’m leaning more towards a negative opinion of it instead of positive.

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