Destiny 2 Player Designs Improved Pursuits Concept

Destiny 2 Player Designs Improved Pursuits Concept

A Reddit user on DestinyTheGame designed a sexy looking Pursuits tab about 24 hours after Bungie threw up on the one in Destiny 2.

If there’s one thing that I know about Destiny 2, it’s that once the community “fixes” something busted by Bungie, there’s zero chance that thing will ever make it into the game. There are probably legal issues, and programming someone’s concept art is obviously a very involved process, but Bungie’s latest iteration of the Pursuits tab in Destiny 2 has left a lot to be desired.

Personally, I disliked the new Pursuits tab from the start. I don’t really care so much about the location, but the actual design makes it difficult for me to find what I’m looking for quickly. Everything sort of blends together more now, which is a nightmare for someone who is color blind. I’m not sure that’s playing a part here, but at the end of the day it takes me longer to find what I’m looking for, and that couldn’t have been the goal.

wbOqrPu 1024x576 - Destiny 2 Player Designs Improved Pursuits Concept

Pursuits Tab Concept

Thankfully, Reddit user Pangolin1905 showed up and fixed the Pursuits tab with an incredible design that made me let out an audible “Oh.” It separates Exotics from regular Quests and gives Bounties their own section. It also has a section for Pinnacle Weapons and another one for Synthesizers. It all looks sharp and makes finding what you’re looking for a breeze, which is why it will never see the Light of the Traveler. There’s a good chance Bungie will improve the current Pursuits tab, perhaps giving players the ability to sort more easily (or permanently), but adopting Pangolin1905’s design would be to suggest that they did something better than a studio full of designers, and it took them less than a day to improve the design. I can’t see that happening, even if I’d definitely pay for the Improved Pursuits by Pangolin1905 DLC.

The best we can hope for, Guardians, is that Pangolin1905’s work at least crosses the desks of those who make the calls at Bungie, and they realize that their current iteration is… bad.