Destiny 2 is Coming to Xbox Game Pass with Expansions

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Destiny 2 and its DLC will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers starting in September.

Microsoft has teamed up with Bungie to bring Destiny 2 to Xbox Game Pass in September, according to an announcement during today’s Xbox Games Showcase.  The livestream also provided new details regarding the upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion. A gameplay trailer for the new Stasis elemental power also offered a glimpse at what’s to come in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 on Xbox Game Pass

For those who have never played Destiny 2, September may be the time to begin your journey. Bungie is giving Xbox Game Pass members access to Destiny 2 and all of the game’s DLC in September. This includes future DLC like the recently delayed Beyond Light expansion, which will now release on November 10.

Xbox Game Pass members will be able to play Destiny 2 and its expansions for free as part of their subscription. However, the game will initially only be available for Game Pass subscribers on Xbox consoles rather than PC. According to a recent tweet, the Xbox Game Pass team is “working with Bungie to bring Destiny 2 Expansions to Xbox Game Pass for PC later in 2021.”

During the livestream, the Beyond Light gameplay trailer revealed the new Stasis elemental power arriving as part of the expansion. The Stasis elemental ability suspends enemies in place and can even be used to create walls and platforms during battle. Shattering frozen enemies will be a new favorite pastime for many Guardians once Destiny 2: Beyond Light releases on Xbox Game Pass in November.

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Those waiting for the Xbox Series X can look forward to playing Destiny 2 as well. Bungie has optimized the game for Xbox Series X. It will also support 4K resolution at 60FPS. For more on Destiny 2, head over to the official website and be sure to check back here for updates.

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