Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer Showcases New Weapons and Gear

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer Showcases New Weapons and Gear

Guardians will need brand new weapons and gear to prepare for the icy adventure ahead on Europa.

Bungie has given Guardians a taste of the new weapons and gear coming in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. A new trailer highlights some of the Golden Age gear that awaits players on Europa, the main destination of the upcoming expansion. We’ve got the trailer and details for you below.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Weapons and Gear

The trailer offers a quick look at some of Beyond Light’s new Exotic weapons and armor, several of which feature the new Stasis elemental effect. Below is a list of the newly announced Exotic items coming in Beyond Light, along with a brief description of features for each.

Exotic Weapons

  • Exotic Pulse Rifle: No Time to Explain – Precision hits and hits against enemies affected by Stasis will return to the magazine. Stack this effect to summon a portal which will fire bullets from an alternate timeline of the weapon.
  • Exotic Sniper Rifle: Cloudstrike – Precision final blows will generate lightning bolts at the target location. Rapid precision shots will summon an entire storm at the point of impact.
  • Exotic Sword: The Lament – Block with The Lament to rev the blade, then shred through shielded enemies. At its peak, damaging an enemy will heal the wielder.
  • Exotic Grenade Launcher: Salvation’s Grip – Each fired projectile will create Stasis crystals that will freeze nearby targets. Charge to increase the amount of crystals created and the freeze radius.

Exotic Armor

  • Titan Exotic Helmet: Precious Scars – Upon revives, the Titan gains an Overshield aura that protects the wearer and nearby allies.
  • Titan Exotic Gauntlets: Icefall Mantle – Stand tall against the oncoming hordes with this reinforced armor that replaces the Titan’s Barricade with Overshield, absorbing damage from incoming fire.
  • Hunter Exotic Gauntlets: Arthrys’s Embrace – The Hunter’s weighted knife gains a second ricochet; rapid precision hits gain a damage bonus and can temporarily stagger enemies.
  • Hunter Exotic Helmet: Mask of Bakris – Don the Mask to replace the Hunter’s Dodge ability with a longer range Shift ability that also temporarily cloaks the wearer during use.
  • Warlock Exotic Helmet: Dawn Chorus – The Warlock’s Daybreak projectiles deal extra damage and cause enemies to burn on contact. Gain melee energy each time a burn damages a target.
  • Warlock Exotic Gauntlets: Necrotic Grip – Melee attacks corrupt enemies with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corruption to nearby targets and restores melee energy.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will release on November 10, 2020. In the meantime, be sure to swing by the Tower to enjoy the spooky festivities in the Festival of the Lost, which is currently underway in Destiny 2.