Bungie to Fix Mass Deletion of Resources in Destiny 2

Bungie to Fix Mass Deletion of Resources in Destiny 2

A Destiny 2 player nuked 270 Enhancement Cores, prompting Community Manager DMG04 to confirm a fix planned for Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 is in a strange place when it comes to deleting things from a Guardian’s inventory. For nearly a year, shaders had to be dismantled one at a time, sometimes requiring that players spent hours cleaning out the ones they didn’t want. This was fixed some time ago. However, players have always been able to delete many of the game’s resources in bulk and without a warning, leading to some frustration.

In reply to a DestinyTheGame subreddit post where a player complained about mass deleting 270 of the oh so precious Enhancement Cores, Destiny 2 Community Manager DMG04 chimed in to let players know this would be fixed come Shadowkeep.

“Come Shadowkeep, Enhancement Cores will be dismantled individually, as opposed to entire stacks. We have quite a bit of time before launch. If any bugs/issues are found, this could change. It’s always risky confirming fixes before they ship. That said, I know this story has been posted quite a few times recently and wanted to give you an update on where we were at. Just make sure your dog doesn’t sit on your controller (This was an actual help forum report from 2015, where someone’s character was deleted because of their dog…. or so they said).”

Just to recap, when Destiny 2 launched, players were only able to delete one shader at a time but were able to nuke hundreds of the game’s most valuable resources in a single missed button press. Yes, we can now nuke shaders five at a time, but the ability to blow up hours of grinding for resources in seconds is still there. I’ll acknowledge that it’s great we’re getting a fix, but the speed at which issues like this are addressed is abysmal. An entire year before players can delete more than one shader at a time. Two years before there’s any protection from nuking entire stacks of resources. I’m not a game developer, but that just seems odd.

Fortunately, the vibe around Destiny 2 right now and the upcoming release of Shadowkeep is all positive, so hopefully, we’ll see more quality of life improvements soon. You can keep tabs on all the big changes by visiting our dedicated Destiny 2 game page.