Deck of Ashes Heading to Steam Early Access

Deck of Ashes Heading to Steam Early Access

Fight off evil with cards in AY Games, Deck of Ashes.

Deck-building games have become quite popular over the past few years. Heartstone continues to do well and Magic the Gathering is finding new ways to reach new audiences. But another challenger is getting ready to lay its cards on the table. AY Games is proud to announce that their deck-building RPG Deck of Ashes will be arriving on Steam Early Access in the coming weeks.

What is Deck of Ashes

Deck of Ashes isn’t your typical deck-building card game. Instead of collecting cards to battle others, Deck of Ashes goes another route altogether. Deck of Ashes is a story-driven turn-based RPG where you track down powerful cards around the world to forge a powerful Battle Deck. Each of the different playable champions come with unique cards, offering various playstyles. Once you have assembled your Battle Deck, you will face the ultimate evil and dispel the Ash Curse. If you lose the battle, you’ll have to start over from the beginning and find the cards all over again.

Deck of Ashes Key Features

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AY Games will be including these key features in Deck of Ashes:

  • Build Power-Fueled Decks: Test your wit and your strategic mettle with powerful Battle Decks, each crafted with unique combat cards that deal staggering combos and unforgiving effects.
  • Eerily Wonderful Environments: Explore and navigate a completely hand-drawn cursed landscape with dangers lurking in every shadow.
  • A Biome (and Monster) for Every Occasion: Discover unique biomes, each harboring different monster types.
  • Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive: Enjoy an ever-changing, new experience each game with procedurally generated realms waiting to devour the next unwary traveler.
  • No Mercy for the Weary: Mistakes are unacceptable, death is forever, without the use of dark magic, once you die, you’re gone for good.

 Deck of Ashes has a unique hand-drawn art style that gives it a Diablo feel. Deck of Ashes will be hitting Steam Early Access in April with a full release planned for later in 2019.