Kojima Announces Death Stranding Coming to PC in 2020

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In a tweet today, Hideo Kojima not only confirmed Death Stranding's November 8 PlayStation 4 release date but also revealed a PC release for early summer 2020.

Death Stranding is arguably one of the holiday season’s biggest releases on any platform but has also been a major exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Until now, that is. Earlier this morning, Kojima Productions’ English Twitter account confirmed the November 8th release on the PlayStation 4 and at the same time, announced a PC release for early summer 2020.

That’s a pretty big announcement to just add in as an “Oh by the way” in a tweet, but it’s not surprising coming from Kojima. While we’re still waiting to find out precisely what Death Stranding is, there’s no denying the appeal it has. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of Hideo Kojima’s work or believe it’s an overrated laddering simulation, everyone is talking about Death Stranding in one form or another. November 8 is just under two weeks away, so we won’t have to wait long to find out what all the fuss is about.

One has to wonder how Sony feels about this bombshell dropped by Kojima. We’ve already seen people state that they’ll wait for the PC release, while others have been adamant about not wanting to support a multiplatform title. That’s clearly a bizarre stance to take, but I would be hardpressed to say that there won’t be some impact here. Even folks with access to multiple platforms that have been somewhat lukewarm on Death Stranding, like me, may be willing to wait a few extra months to experience this supposedly groundbreaking, genre-transforming game on their preferred platform.

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