DayZ Gets Major Stability Update and Server Wipe

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Update 1.11 offers survivors a chance at a clean slate and a better overall experience in DayZ.

Today marks the arrival of Update 1.11 in DayZ, which brings significant stability improvements to the game. As the first major update of 2021, Update 1.11 also comes with an official server and character progression wipe, making now the best time to start fresh in DayZ.

Stability improvements in Update 1.11 include changes to zombie behavior, vehicle interaction, damage triggers, horticulture, and even sea fishing. The update also improves server capacity and stability. Modders will be pleased to hear that the update features major changes to the engine script, allowing the game to load more mods than ever before. You can read more about Update 1.11 on the DayZ website.

As for the complete server wipe, developer Bohemia Interactive recently explained on Twitter that the wipe is intended to “optimize the update’s stability and to get clean foundations to monitor changes made with previous economy updates.”

Aside from fixes, the update also introduces a new bonus weapon to the game. Players can find the SVAL rifle at helicopter crash sites around Chernarus and Livonia. Like the VSS, the SVAL uses 9x39mm ammo, which is now available in 20-round magazines for both weapons.

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You can find the full changelog for Update 1.11 on the official DayZ forum, where you can also find more detailed patch notes for PC and consoles.

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