Client Update for Dawn of Survivors

Client Update for Dawn of Survivors

Surviving the zombie apocalypse has become a little easier with this client update.

The first of many updates to come in Dawn of Survivors is here and has brought with it much needed changes to turn the tide against the zombie hordes.

Client Update

The first update to Nintendo Switch’s online survivor game Dawn of Survivors is available for players to download. The client update brings some much-needed changes and adds a few new features to help you survive even longer. The list of changes is below:

  • Scrap Metal drop rates increased.
  • Business Man and trades fixed.
  • Hardware Workshop adds engine cores and axels to craft list.
  • Sheet metal, steel, aluminum, and more available to craft in Smelter.
  • Component Workshop added to dismantle items.
  • The lifespan of the dog has been increased with a better hunger system.
  • Decrease rate of hunger and thirst for characters.
  • Items crafted in Workshop will be added to your Inventory or Mailbox upon completion.

Another noticeable change is a new experience bar located under the player’s level. While these may not seem like significant changes to Dawn of Survivors, they are ones that have become the most helpful.

The changes made came directly from the community to which WiSTONE  Entertainment listened to extensively. This may be due to the fact that the community is relatively small at the moment.

One big change that hasn’t made an appearance or been mentioned is the ability to play co-op. Dawn of  Survivors does mention the ability throughout the game and has abilities that your character can have that aid in co-operative play.

Players have been able to meet up and trade in-game as a way to avoid having to craft certain items or obtain certain items that are hard to find. Hopefully, a fully fledged trade system will be put in place in the future.