THQ Nordic to Reveal a New Darksiders Game at E3 2019

THQ Nordic to Reveal a New Darksiders Game at E3 2019

The game is said to take the beloved action-adventure series in a new direction.

It has taken years for fans to finally get their hands on Darksiders 3 after the bankruptcy of THQ. However, it seems we won’t have to wait as long to enjoy another game in the series this time around. According to the E3 event schedule, a new Darksiders game is going to be revealed during a Darksiders panel at E3 2019.

On Thursday, June 13, a Darksiders presentation will take place in the E3 Coliseum. The Darksiders: Action Adventure Evolved panel will discuss the creation of the Darksiders universe and what we can expect from future games. Although the panel sounds like a treat, it’s the additional details that will interest Darksiders fans. According to the event description, the panel will also “coincide with the E3 2019 unveil of a brand new Darksiders game that takes the franchise in a fresh direction.”

The bulk of the panel sounds like it will mainly delve into the history of the Darksiders franchise and the work that goes into developing the games. However, the subtle mention of a new Darksiders game is certainly a welcome surprise for fans of the series.

A Possible Prequel?

Rumors of a new Darksiders game began with a post on the Darksiders subreddit over three months ago. The post featured a now-deleted screenshot from an official THQ Nordic staff member that showed a list of upcoming games the publisher planned to bring to E3 2019, which included the title “Darksiders: Genesis.” Since then, fans have speculated that this may be the title of an unannounced Darksiders prequel.

This would fit with the idea of taking the franchise in a fresh direction, as it would not require following the stories of the four horsemen. However, this new change of direction may also signify something completely different, perhaps even on a new platform. We will find out soon enough.

Although Darksiders 3 received mixed reviews upon release in November 2018, the game proved profitable enough for publisher THQ Nordic to consider it one of their key IPs. It makes sense for them to want to continue releasing additional Darksiders games more regularly. Stay tuned for more Darksiders updates and news on the next installment to the series.