Darksiders Genesis Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Darksiders Genesis Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Amazon may have spilled the beans on the possible release date for Darksiders Genesis.

There’s a chance that Amazon has leaked the Darksiders Genesis release date, less than a week after THQ Nordic announced the Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition. The news comes by way of the Darksiders subreddit, where a Reddit user posted a screenshot that specifies a release date for the game on Amazon that differs from the usual placeholder date.

Darksiders Genesis Release Date Leaked

The screenshot in question depicts the product page for Darksiders Genesis on the Amazon Spain website. The wording is in Spanish, but the release date is still clear. According to the screenshot, Darksiders Genesis will release on October 4, 2019. The date on the product page itself has since reverted back to the December 31 placeholder, but not before someone could snag a screenshot of the previous date. You can see for yourself in the screenshot below.

Darksiders Genesis Release Date Leak Amazon - Darksiders Genesis Release Date May Have Been Leaked


The screenshot doesn’t look fabricated, so there’s no reason to believe it’s not legit. Plus, an October release date for Darksiders Genesis makes sense. Although the game has been confirmed for Google Stadia, there are no Stadia versions of the newly announced Collector’s Editions available for pre-order. If Genesis were to release after Stadia’s launch in November, it would be a bit odd not to offer Stadia versions of the Nephilim and Collector’s Editions alongside the other platforms.

Of course, this is all speculation, and neither THQ Nordic nor Airship Syndicate have announced an official release date for Darksiders Genesis. However, Gamescom 2019 is just around the corner, so perhaps we can expect a release date announcement then.