Darksiders: Genesis Features the Fourth Horseman, Strife

Darksiders: Genesis Features the Fourth Horseman, Strife

The new Diablo-style Darksiders spin-off will explore the story of Darksiders from a whole new perspective.

Darksiders fans, rejoice! Today, publisher THQ Nordic announced a brand new game in the Darksiders series called Darksiders: Genesis. The game is in development by Airship Syndicate, the team behind Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Darksiders: Genesis is a Diablo-inspired, top-down RPG that offers a new twist on the iconic series. In Darksiders: Genesis, players take on the role of Strife, the last of the four horsemen of the apocalypse to be featured as a playable character in the series. You can get a taste for what’s in store in the game’s first teaser trailer. The teaser features some CGI and a snippet of gameplay. We’ve included the Darksiders: Genesis announcement teaser below.

Darksiders: Genesis Teaser Trailer

In the trailer, we see Strife fighting alongside his younger brother, War, who is the protagonist of the first game. War and Strife are on the hunt to eliminate various demons throughout hell at the command of The Council. You can brave the adventure solo or team up with a friend for two-player co-op, another first for the series. Darksiders: Genesis is a prequel that takes place prior to the events of the original Darksiders game.

Given that the game name was leaked a few months ago, the Darksiders: Genesis announcement should come as little surprise for some hardcore fans. These hunches were recently reinforced with the E3 2019 schedule, where a Darksiders panel mentions the announcement of a new Darksiders game. Nevertheless, news of another romp through the Darksiders world is always good news, especially when it’s a game looking to take the series in a fresh new direction.

The announcement of Darksiders: Genesis came alongside Google’s Stadia presentation today, and fittingly so. Darksiders: Genesis will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia later this year. While there’s no solid release date or pre-order details yet, the game is supposedly coming in 2019, according to the Darksiders website. This coincides with the launch of Google Stadia, which is slated for this November.