Darksiders 3 May Be Getting New Game Plus Soon

Darksiders 3 May Be Getting New Game Plus Soon

A series of tweets have all but confirmed the pending arrival of Darksiders 3's New Game + mode.

Today is April 1st, which is admittedly not the best day to search for reliable news on the internet. Plenty of game studios have joined in on the fun with their own April Fool’s day contributions, and Darksiders 3 developer Gunfire Games is no exception. However, despite the tomfoolery, there’s reason to believe that the studio is planning to announce Darksiders 3‘s long-awaited New Game + mode sometime soon.

For April Fool’s day, Gunfire Games unleashed a short video on Twitter revealing their plans for New Game + in Darksiders 3, which turned out to mean “Nachos Grande Plus.” For those who didn’t get the joke, the developer added a comment at the end saying, “We’re kidding…but not really. New Game + coming soon.” You can see the full clip in the tweet below.

Although the message is quite clear, you may still be skeptical about whether or not New Game + mode is really coming to Darksiders 3. However, there’s reason to believe that Gunfire Games is being sincere in their statement.

In the days leading up to April Fool’s day, Gunfire Games released a series of tweets that apparently were meant to act as a witty clue hinting at today’s shenanigans. However, one of the tweets has a caption that reads, “Officially explored everything? Ready to do it again…?” The tweet also contained the hashtag “UnleashNG+,” while the other tweets in the series used the hashtag “UnleashtheDLC” instead. No nacho reference here.

Design Director Confirms NG+?

If the recent tweets still aren’t convincing enough, perhaps we should look further back in time. Rumors of an upcoming New Game + mode for Darksiders 3 have been circulating for quite a while. Speculations ramped up last month after the developers tweeted an image of Darksiders 3 merchandise that happened to feature some notes titled, “Darksiders 3 NG+ New Game Plus.” Darksiders 3 design director John Pearl later retweeted the photo and stated the image was a picture of his desk, essentially confirming that NG+ is in the works at the studio and that the image was not shared by mistake.

So, it’s safe to assume that Darksiders 3 is likely getting a New Game + mode sometime soon. Darksiders 3’s first DLC, The Crucible, released just over a month ago, with one more DLC still to come. Perhaps NG+ will arrive alongside the second DLC or sometime prior to its release. We’ll keep an eye on Gunfire Games and report back here with any official NG+ announcements. Stay tuned here for more Darksiders 3 updates!