Curse of the Dead Gods Receives Free ‘Cursed Temple’ Update

Curse of the Dead Gods Receives Free ‘Cursed Temple’ Update

The massive free update has brought new challenges and game modes to Curse of the Dead Gods on Steam.

Action rogue-lite Curse of the Dead Gods has received its first major update while in Early Access on Steam. The free Cursed Temple update, which went live on April 22, adds new game modes, Curses, weapons, and relics to the game, along with various bug fixes.

Cursed Temple Update

The Cursed Temple update introduces Eternal Curse game modes to Curse of the Dead Gods. These replayable game modes feature thematic challenges and unique gameplay modifiers to keep players on their toes. Modifiers include speed buffs, damage nerfs, and even playing with a retro display. These modes also come with their fair share of caveats, however.

There are eight new Eternal Curse game modes total. We’ve listed them for you below.

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  • Old Nightmare
  • The Cursed Marksman
  • Mad Temple
  • Bullet Hell
  • The Darkest Explorer
  • Fire Purge
  • For Gold and Blood
  • Game of Death
Curse of the Dead Gods Eternal Curse 01 1024x543 - Curse of the Dead Gods Receives Free ‘Cursed Temple’ Update


Several new cursed weapons and relics are now available in-game as well. Here’s a quick overview of each new addition, according to the patch notes:

New Cursed Weapons:

  • Fulmination, Death’s Rampart: Parrying reflects projectiles
  • Annihilation, Bow of Madness: Perfect Shots explode on impact in a Dark blast, dealing damage to ALL characters around

New Regular Weapon:

  • LeMat Grape Shot Revolver: Perfect Shots deal damage to all targets in a cone behind the impact

New Cursed Relics:

  • Accursed’s Codex: +50% to all weapons’ base damage, +50% to all damage taken
  • Glyph of Darkness: Level +1 on Cursed weapons

Ten new Curses have been added to Curse of the Dead Gods as well, which you will find listed below.

  • Trapped Chests
  • Deadly Obsession
  • Dark Fervor
  • Sincere Offerings
  • Blurred Vision
  • Sulfurous Barrels
  • Bloodlust
  • Dancing Flames
  • Creeping Gloom
  • Torch of Sorrow

The Cursed Temple update also comes with a slew of bug fixes and technical adjustments. You can review the complete list of changes on the Cursed Temple Patch Notes. According to the Curse of the Dead Gods roadmap, a bestiary, global stat tracker, and more Curses are still on the way. The developers also have several big updates planned for the future: the Serpent Catacombs update and the Summer in the Temple update.

Curse of the Dead Gods is currently available in Early Access on Steam. The game is also in development for consoles. Check back here for future updates!