Curse of the Dead Gods Meets Dead Cells in Upcoming Crossover Event

The crossover will introduce new Dead Cells-inspired content to Curse of the Dead Gods next week.

A new crossover event will hit indie roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods next week, according to an announcement today from the game’s developers. Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have joined forces with Motion Twin and Evil Empire to create “Curse of the Dead Cells,” a new crossover event that incorporates Dead Cells-themed content to Curse of the Dead Gods.

The crossover event will release as part of a major update on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The update is completely free for all Curse of the Dead Gods players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The extensive update brings new Dead Cells-inspired content to Curse of the Dead Gods, including Curses and weaponry. A new Curse called Curse of the Headless allows players to move faster while taking more damage. The update also introduces three new weapons based on those found in Dead Cells: the Sword of Conjunctivius, the Broadsword of the Knight, and the Crossbow of the Condemned.

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Keep an eye out for the Dead Cells Cursed Chest during your run, as this means a special challenge room and rare weapon await. “All these features have been carefully designed to take inspiration from Dead Cells while fitting in Curse of the Dead Gods’ style and gameplay,” said the developers.

Along with the new Dead Cells-themed content, next week’s “Curse of the Dead Cells” update will introduce several other new features to Curse of the Dead Gods. Players will be able to try out a new two-handed weapon style as well as an additional Curse unrelated to the Dead Cells content. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the update’s arrival.