Construction Simulator Coming in September

Construction Simulator Coming in September

The next installment in the Construction Simulator series will come with various new features.

On Wednesday, developers Astragon Entertainment and Weltenbauer announced Construction Simulator will be coming to PC and consoles later this year. The game is considered the successor to the Construction Simulator game series that began in 2015.

Construction Simulator is an open-world game that will feature a dynamic day and night cycle. Construction takes place on one of two brand new maps, one set in Europe and the other set in the United States. There will be two campaigns to pursue alongside various missions included in the revised mission system. The game will also support co-op multiplayer on PC as well as consoles, a first for the series.

Construction Simulator Announcement Trailer

According to the official website, the new and improved Construction Simulator will feature modern graphics as well as the “most extensive fleet” of officially licensed construction vehicles and machinery in the history of the series. Officially licensed work apparel will be available as well so that players can look the part while on the job.

Construction Simulator will launch on September 20, 2022 for PC, with optimized versions releasing for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Two versions are currently available for pre-order, the Standard Edition and the Day One Edition. Head over to the Construction Simulator website for details and stay tuned to Guide Stash for updates.