Chivalry 2 Releases in June; Closed Beta Coming in March

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Pre-orders will get exclusive access to the closed beta on PC in March.

Chivalry fans, rejoice! The long-awaited sequel Chivalry 2 now has an official release date, according to a recent announcement from developer Torn Banner Studios and publisher Tripwire Interactive. A closed beta will be available in late March, with guaranteed access for those who pre-order the medieval combat game on PC.

Chivalry 2 Release Date

Chivalry 2 releases on June 8, 2021 for PC exclusively via Epic Games Store at launch. Console players can look forward to Chivalry 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The sequel will feature full cross-play support for all versions.

The Chivalry 2 cross-play closed beta will run from March 26-29. Pre-ordering the game on PC is the only sure-fire way to guarantee access to the upcoming closed beta. Those looking to join the closed beta without pre-ordering must register by filling out the sign-up form on the Chivalry website. The sign-up method does not guarantee access to the closed beta, however.

Digital pre-orders for the Standard and Special Editions of Chivalry 2 on PC are available now. Console pre-order availability will be announced soon, according to the developers. Aside from gaining access to the closed beta, there are several other incentives for pre-ordering Chivalry 2. Pre-ordering the Standard Edition rewards players with the Royal Zweihänder weapon skin. Those who digitally pre-order the Special Edition can look forward to a slew of exclusive armor and weapons, such as the Agatha Jousting Knight Armor and Royal Broadsword.

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