Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop Update Adds Career Mode and Map Extension

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop Update Adds Career Mode and Map Extension

The massive update introduces a new game mode, a free map extension, and more.

Bus Simulator 21 is set to receive its biggest update yet with Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop, a massive update that features a range of improvements and exciting new features. The popular bus simulation game, which is published by astragon Entertainment and developed by stillalive studios, will now include a brand-new career mode, a free map extension with new orders, and various gameplay improvements.

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop Announcement Trailer

The Next Stop update also brings dedicated versions of Bus Simulator 21 to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The console editions will feature 4K resolution as well as improved graphics, adaptive trigger support, and haptic feedback on PS5.

One of the most exciting features of the Next Stop update is the new career mode, which combines the sandbox mode with the economic system of the campaign. This mode allows players to start with all bus stops and bus models from the beginning of the game rather than having to gradually unlock everything.

Another highlight of the update is the release of the highly anticipated map extension as a free DLC. The map extension will give players access to a new area in the north of the map “Angel Shores.” Alongside new campaign missions, players should be on the lookout for new wild animals that may cross their path.

Players who already own Bus Simulator 21 on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to upgrade to the new console version for free on respective platforms. Meanwhile, the PC version of the game will also be available via the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store, with crossplay compatibility across all PC versions of the game.

Those who are new to the game can pick up the Gold Edition, which features all of the Bus Simulator 21 DLC released so far. The Gold Edition will be available in Q2 2023, both digitally and in stores. Existing players can purchase the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop Gold Edition to access the additional content. The Next Stop update, dedicated console versions, official map extension, and Gold Edition will all be released on May 23, 2023. Head over to the Bus Simulator 21 website for more information.