Borderlands 3 To Release Exclusively on Epic Games Store

Borderlands 3 To Release Exclusively on Epic Games Store

Borderlands 3's release date has been set and its PC version will get an exclusive release on the Epic Games Store for the first six months.

The Epic Games Store has been pulling in a lot of exclusive releases for PC games recently, and it looks like Borderlands 3 will continue that trend. A recent press release by 2K/Take Two, the publishers of Gearbox Software’s highly anticipated title, announced that Borderlands 3 would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first six months on the PC.

At launch on September 13, Borderlands 3 will be available for PC exclusively through the Epic Games store. Borderlands 3 will be available on additional PC digital storefronts in April 2020.

Perhaps overlooked in all the exclusivity discussions, is that Borderlands 3 now has a release date. September 13 is not that far away, and fans of the series are undoubtedly booking time off from work already.

Epic Games Store Exclusivity

The announcement of the exclusivity to the Epic Games Store brings with it an official comment from Randy Pitchford on Twitter.

It’s clear that there is a large portion of the gaming community that is not happy with the recent rise in the number of games launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Randy goes on to say that he likes the variety, but that the decision is not his to make. “As a customer, I’m happy to shop in different stores – already do! I’ve bought games from Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Steam, Origin, GOG, Humble, Uplay, Epic and other stores, ” he says via Twitter.

A potential benefit of the Epic Games Store launch is Epic’s experience with supporting multi-platform cross-play. This is something Pitchford is highly interested in, stating, “For what it’s worth, 2K’s decisions aside, myself and the team at Gearbox have a very keen interest in cross-platform play. We believe multi-platform support is a pre-requisite and Epic’s leadership with cross platform support is helpful to our interests there.”

For more information on what’s to come when Borderlands 3 releases, check out the official announcement. You’ll also be able to get details on the various editions and pre-order bonuses that are up for grabs.