Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Multiplayer Mode Revealed

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Multiplayer Mode Revealed

Hazard Zone is as close to a battle royale mode as players will get in Battlefield 2042.

Today, DICE and Electronic Arts revealed Battlefield Hazard Zone, a new multiplayer mode coming to Battlefield 2042. Hazard Zone features squad-based gameplay and tactical combat. Check out the trailer below for the first look at Hazard Zone in action.

Battlefield Hazard Zone Reveal Trailer

At first blush, Hazard Zone appears to be Battlefield 2042’s take on battle royale. Hazard Zone is a squad-based PvPvE mode that tasks players with retrieving data drives throughout the battlefield. Players compete in squads comprised of four unique Specialists to collect and extract as many data drives as possible before a storm sweeps through the area.

Squads must survive with the drives long enough to reach one of two timed Extraction Zones and escape to safety, all while fending off both NPC Occupying Forces as well as other enemy players. Like battle royale, players only have on life in Hazard Zone, so its important to make every move count.

Hazard Zone will support different player counts depending on console generation. Those on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S can play Hazard Zone alongside up to 32 players, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will be limited to 24-player matches. The game mode can be played on all seven Battlefield 2042 maps. Character progress made in Hazard Zone will carry over to Battlefield 2042 as well.

To learn more about the new Hazard Zone game mode, head over to the Battlefield 2042 blog. Battlefield 2042 releases on consoles and PC next month on November 19, 2021.