Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Reveals Return of Battlefield 4 Character

Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Reveals Return of Battlefield 4 Character

The short film offers a look at the events leading up to the war in Battlefield 2042.

On Thursday, DICE and Electronic Arts released a new short film titled “Exodus”, offering a closer look at Battlefield 2042’s dystopian world and the event that sparks an all-out war. The film also confirms the return of a familiar character from Battlefield 4. You can watch the full Exodus short film below as well as on the official Battlefield YouTube channel.

Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film

Battlefield 4’s Kimble “Irish” Graves makes his return in the short film, confirming he survived the events at the end of the game. As the commander of the No-Pat vessel Exodus, Irish is faced with a harrowing decision, the results of which will lay the foundation for the events of Battlefield 2042. The appearance of Irish in the Exodus short film also confirms that Battlefield 2042 is set in the same world as Battlefield 4.

Irish will be one of the playable No-Pat Specialists in Battlefield 2042. He comes equipped with a special Fortification System that includes a DCS Deployable Cover that protects against incoming bullets and explosives. He also comes with the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, which is geared toward taking down explosive projectiles. More information about each confirmed Specialist in Battlefield 2042 is available on the EA website.

Those who pre-order Battlefield 2042 will unlock the Battle Hardened Legendary Skin for Irish when the game launches on October 22. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Battlefield 2042 news and updates.