Raw Fury to Publish Cinematic Noir Game Backbone

Raw Fury to Publish Cinematic Noir Game Backbone

Indie detective adventure Backbone will be on the beat sometime in 2021, but there's a free demo available now.

Independent developer EggNut has partnered with Raw Fury to publish their upcoming detective game, Backbone. The noir adventure will arrive on PC via Steam in 2021.

Backbone is a dystopian noir-inspired detective game slated to launch on Steam next year. You play as Howard Lotor, a raccoon and experienced private eye working in a dystopian version of Vancouver. The city is populated with anthropomorphic animals struggling with social inequality.

Backbone Reveal Trailer


Backbone takes inspiration from both classic CRPGs and point-and-click adventures. The game features a modern pixel-art aesthetic, branching dialogue, and stealth-based puzzle solving. Your goal is to collect evidence and follow leads to uncover the truth hidden in the shadows of the city.

A noir-inspired detective game like Backbone is nothing if not atmospheric, and the developers promise to deliver. “The breathtaking combination of high resolution pixel art and 3D effects like dynamic lighting, pouring rain, volumetric fog and neon lights bring the sprawling city to life,” says the game’s Steam page.

Backbone will release on Steam sometime in 2021. However, a free-to-play demo of the Backbone: Prologue is currently available on Steam as a separate download. The demo has received “overwhelmingly positive” reviews since its release in April 2019. To learn more about Backbone, head over to the EggNut website for updates.