Astroneer: Countdown Graphic Novel Lands in 2023

Astroneer: Countdown Graphic Novel Lands in 2023

Astroneer is being turned into an original graphic novel that's set to arrive next year.

System Era Softworks’ space sandbox adventure Astroneer is being turned into a graphic novel, according to an announcement from the studio on Tuesday. The graphic novel, titled Astroneer: Countdown, is being made by Titan Comics and will delve deeper into the Astroneer lore and universe. The comic series is set to launch in March 2023.

Astroneer: Countdown follows protagonist Astroneer Seven as he embarks on a mission to the Boreas System. Alongside the main story, the comic will feature three short stories for readers to enjoy, each set in a different part of the vast Astroneer universe. The short stories are titled “Out of Bounds,” “Decaf Noir,” and “Have We Met.”

“When we were searching for additional star titles to populate the Titan Comics gaming galaxy, we couldn’t have imagined a better fit than System Era’s Astroneer,” said Titan Comics’ Acquisition Editor, Duncan Baizley. “It’s an enormously fun game world for curious minds, where imaginations can run riot and exploration is everything, and visually it’s a perfect fit! We think its incredibly engaged and diverse fan community are going to love reading about Seven and J.A.S.P.E.R’s misadventures in the Boreas System!”

Astroneer: Countdown Volume 1 will release physically and digitally in March 2023 and is now available for pre-order via Forbidden Planet and Amazon. Stay tuned to the Titan Comics Twitter and social media for more graphic novel updates.