Where to Watch E3 2021 Online Next Month

Where to Watch E3 2021 Online Next Month

See which social media and video services will be broadcasting and hosting live E3 activities this year.

E3 2021 is fast approaching, and soon fans will be able to stream the show online from the comfort of their homes. This year’s all-virtual E3 showcase will span four days and will be broadcasted live across dozens of media outlets. From TikTok to Reddit, there will be no shortage of places to catch the live show. On Friday, the ESA revealed which services will be broadcasting E3 2021 and where fans can watch the event live next month.

E3 2021 Official Broadcasting Partners

E3 2021 kicks off on Saturday, June 12 and wraps up on Tuesday, June 15. To reach the broadest audience possible, E3 event organizers have partnered with various video streaming and social media companies to broadcast the show and host related live activities. Here are some of the distribution services committed to broadcasting E3 globally next month:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Gaming
  • TikTok
  • Steam
  • Reddit
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Bilibili
  • AfreecaTV
  • VENN
  • Wechat

“Working with these leading companies ensures that this year’s all-digital E3 experience will reach audiences around the world,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, President and CEO of the ESA. “This will be the first time ever that E3 will be freely available across all of these major services, allowing us to reach video game fans from all corners of the globe.”

This year’s E3 will be an all-digital experience that features a companion app and online portal to accompany the four-day showcase. This will allow viewers to stay engaged with the event via smartphone. The full list of E3 2021 Distribution Services can be found on the official E3 2021 website.