Nintendo Indie World Showcase – May 2022 Trailer Recap

Nintendo Indie World Showcase – May 2022 Trailer Recap

Here’s a quick recap of every indie game trailer featured during May’s Indie World Showcase.

Today, Nintendo premiered a new Indie World Showcase, which offers an overview of the various indie games headed to Nintendo Switch. The nearly 25-minute presentation included new game reveals as well as several previously announced titles.

Below, we’ve rounded up the trailers shown during today’s Indie World Showcase for May 2022. You can also watch the full presentation on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.


Farming sim and cozy creature-collecting game Ooblets is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Initially released in early access on PC and Xbox in 2020, Ooblets will release for Switch this summer.

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven is a story-driven action RPG being developed by Stormind Games. The game is said to combine both hack-and-slash and twin-stick shooter gameplay elements. Batora: Lost Haven is expected to arrive for Nintendo Switch this fall.


After initially launching on PC in 2021, side-scrolling 2D puzzle platformer ElecHead will be ported to Nintendo Switch this summer.


Rhythm-based dungeon crawler Soundfall launched today for PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch. Players can fight to the beat alone or alongside friends through local and online co-op for up to four players.


Today’s Indie World Showcase featured the announcement of Chucklefish’s upcoming tactical roguelike deckbuilder, Wildfrost. Collect cards and replay runs and challenges to reach the Sun Temple and banish the frost of winter. Wildfrost will aptly arrive in Winter 2022.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Ragdoll-physics battle sim Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will catapult onto Switch sometime this summer.


Side-scrolling action platformer Gunbrella was announced during today’s Indie World Showcase. This “noir-punk action adventure” puts players in the shoes of a woodsman armed with a weapon that doubles as an umbrella. Gunbrella blasts onto Nintendo Switch in 2023.

We Are OFK

We Are OFK is an interactive narrative series that follows the making of indie pop band OFK. This episodic series will feature fully voiced dialogue as well as interactive music videos. We Are OFK arrives on Switch this summer.


SILT is an upcoming atmospheric puzzle adventure from Fireshine Games and Spiral Circus. Players take the plunge as a lone diver in a deep underwater abyss. There are strange creatures to possess and puzzles to solve as you uncover the monochromatic mysteries that await. SILT launches in June 2022.

Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways is a puzzle strategy game developed by Dinosaur Polo Club. Players are tasked with designing their own traffic network for a bustling city. If you have ever sat in traffic thinking to yourself that you could design a better traffic system, then this game is up your alley. Mini Motorways cruised onto Nintendo Switch earlier today and is now available for $14.99 USD.

Wayward Strand

Wayward Strand is an upcoming interactive story from studio Ghost Pattern. This single-player adventure puts players in the shoes of Casey Beumaris, a teen journalist who meets an eclectic cast of characters while aboard a flying airship hospital. Wayward Strand launches on July 21, 2022.  

Cult of the Lamb

Today’s Indie World Showcase included an adorably disturbing trailer for roguelike dungeon crawler Cult of the Lamb. Players take on the role of a possessed lamb who must garner a cult following to “become the one true cult.” Look for Cult of the Lamb on Switch later this year.

Another Crab’s Treasure

The last full trailer shown during the Nintendo showcase was for Another Crab’s Treasure, a comedic Souls-like adventure set in an underwater world. You play as a hermit crab named Kril who must venture out to re-buy your repossessed shell. You will have to wear whatever ocean trash you find along the way to protect yourself from various aquatic enemies. Another Crab’s Treasure scuttles onto Switch in 2023.

Today’s Indie World Showcase concluded with a quick montage of several more indie games coming to Nintendo Switch or that are available now.

  • OneShot: World Machine Edition – Available this summer.
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Out now.
  • Idol Manager – Releases August 25, 2022.
  • Card Shark – Free demo and pre-orders now available.
  • Cursed to Golf – Launches this summer.
  • A Guidebook of Babel – Available this fall.
  • OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition – Now available.

Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more indie game news and updates.