IO Interactive Announces New Game Development Studio in Barcelona

IO Interactive Announces New Game Development Studio in Barcelona

The new studio will work on IOI's ongoing projects, including Hitman 3 and Project 007.

Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced the opening of IOI Barcelona, the company’s new game development studio in Spain. IOI Barcelona will be working on all of the company’s current ongoing projects, including Hitman, Project 007, and a new unannounced IP.

IOI Barcelona is IO Interactive’s third studio, following IOI Copenhagen and IOI Malmö. All three studios are considered “Elite” studios and are expected to “make a significant impact to ongoing development and publishing efforts across all projects.” The new Spain studio is located in the city center of Barcelona. While the core development team is already in place, those looking to secure a spot on the IOI Barcelona team are encouraged to visit the IOI Careers page to view available positions.

“All three of our studios have extremely talented developers who are passionate and driven towards making an impact in our industry,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive. “A core part of our philosophy is that everyone at IOI has a significant and impactful role to play in realizing our dreams, regardless of where they’re located. Think of it as we are one studio, in multiple locations.”

With Season of Greed well underway in Hitman 3, the first James Bond origin story currently in the works, and a new IP in development, there is plenty to look forward to from IO Interactive. Visit the IOI Blog for more details about today’s announcement.