Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store Soon

Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store Soon

Platformer fans would be fools not to jump on Celeste and Inside for free via the Epic Games Store.

It seems that quite a few people are hesitant to install the Epic Games Store, but the weekly free games are making it harder to resist one would think. Each week the Epic Games Store will feature one or two free games, with Celeste and Inside both being available from August 29 to September 5.

Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store

Celeste originally released in January 2018 and is widely considered one of the better platformers to hit the market in recent years. While the game is already out on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, it was previously not available on the Epic Games Store. While many gamers are familiar with the title, there are bound to be quite a few Epic Games Store users who have never given it a go. To find out more, visit the Celeste website and see what it’s all about.

Inside launched in 2016 but had staggered dates of release on the various platforms it arrived on. It can currently be played on the Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but this will be its first time on the Epic Games Store. This puzzle-platformer was also critically acclaimed, and players can learn more about it by visiting the Inside website and checking out various reviews, videos, and screenshots.

While it’s true that platformers aren’t for everyone, anyone who isn’t sure would be a fool not to give these a shot for no cost. You never know when you’ll discover something amazing that you didn’t see coming, just be prepared for Celeste to test your skills as a player.

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