Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass Details Revealed

Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass Details Revealed

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the first Apex Legends Battle Pass.

EA has officially revealed details about the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass, which is set to arrive tomorrow morning. The highly anticipated Battle Pass offers new skins and cosmetic items for players to unlock throughout the season.

The Apex Legends “Wild Frontier” Season 1 Battle Pass works similarly to that of Fortnite and other battle royale games. The Apex Legends Battle Pass contains a series of tiers that unlock more than 100 new cosmetic items and rewards. Players can level up their Battle Pass simply by playing the game, so the more you play, the more goodies you can unlock.

There are two types of Battle Passes available, one free and one premium. Everyone who plays Apex Legends during Season 1 will unlock one Wild Frontier Skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers as part of the free Battle Pass.

How Much Does the Apex Legends Battle Pass Cost?

Players who are willing to shell out some Apex Coins can opt for the premium Battle Pass instead. The main Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins (roughly $10 USD). There is also a Battle Pass Bundle, which costs 2,800 Apex Coins (about $30 USD) and starts you off with the first 25 levels already unlocked. Note that the cost of the Battle Pass will vary depending on the amount of Apex Coins you already have on your account.

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Purchasing the Apex Legends Battle Pass instantly unlocks three new Wild Frontier skins: the Lifeline Revolutionary Skin, the Wraith Survivor Skin, and the Mirage Outlaw Skin. New weapon skins, stat trackers, intro quips, finishers, and more are up for grabs in the premium Battle Pass as well. You can browse the upcoming Battle Pass rewards on the EA website.

Apex Legends Season 1 also marks the debut of Octane, the first new Legend to arrive since the game’s launch. A new Wild Frontier skin for Octane appears to be available at level 48 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

The Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass will be available Tuesday, March 19, at 10:00 am Pacific time. For more details, head over to the EA Battle Pass page.