Anno 1800’s Sunken Treasures DLC Launches This Month

Anno 1800’s Sunken Treasures DLC Launches This Month

Fame and fortune await at the bottom of the murky waves in Anno 1800.

Anno 1800, an excellently crafted period city builder, gets its first DLC this month. Sunken Treasures will bring all kinds of new activities to the game on July 30. The expansion will include a new questline that will see players get access to a new European session, Cape Trelawney. It will be available as a solo offering, or as part of the Season Pass.

With the new continental island, we want to give you the sandbox to toy around with your wildest ambitions. Three times as large as the biggest islands of the main game, this colossal landmass comes with 300 grids worth of coast and more natural resources and fertilities than ever before. While the session itself comes with additional big, medium and small islands to allow the AI to settle or to create your own outposts, the earth on the continental islands is fertile and its mountain ranges rich with resources. You won’t have to worry about keeping your Beer production running with cargo loads of imported hops, as the continental islands fertile ground will allow potatoes, wheat, hops and many other things to grow.

Sunken Treasures of The Deep

Cape Trelawney offers a huge area for people looking to make impressive builds. According to Ubisoft, it promises a massive canvass on which to paint your industrialized dream. Sunken Treasures will also introduce a new character in the form of Old Nate. This strange hermit has been creating all kinds of interesting automatons. Old Nate will give you access to crafting, a steamship, and the means to go treasure hunting. No details have been released yet about what we will be crafting, however. Old Nate wants us to find him scrap for his inventions, but who knows what wonders he will be building.

Ubisoft has said that the new quest line should take about 6 hours to wrap up. You can access it after hitting 700 Artisans, and this also applies to your saved games. Developer Blue Byte will be doing a live stream on Twitch to show off the game on July 23 at 4:30 pm CEST. Sunken Treasures will arrive on July 30, along with Game Update 4.