Anno 1800: The Passage DLC Now Available Alongside Free Week

Anno 1800: The Passage DLC Now Available Alongside Free Week

The final DLC of the season pass, The Passage, is now available for Anno 1800 owners. Those tempted can check out the game for free from December 11 to 18.

To go along with the dropping temperatures outside – at least in the Northern hemisphere – Anno 1800: The Passage is now available on Uplay and the Epic Games Store. This is the third and final DLC of the season pass for Anno 1800. Gone are the warm and moderate temperatures of the core game, as players will have to explore the harsh conditions of the Arctic. New challenges await players, including a new heat game mechanic and the advent of airships.

Not only will players have to deal with the harsh conditions and figure out how to best exploit the advantages of air travel, but there will also be two new citizen tiers, seven new production chains, 32 new buildings, 60 new quests, and 80 new items. Additionally, the following exciting new features will be available to all Anno 1800 owners as part of the accompanying free update:

  • The co-op mode will allow players to share the responsibilities of raising and managing an industrial empire. Up to four factions will be able to compete in the same match with up to 16 players.
  • An in-depth statistics system shows players detailed stats on the production and consumption of all their goods across all islands.
  • Holiday Pack, which allows players to decorate their cities in a festive style. This DLC pack includes a wide range of cosmetics with 23 new items. Between the festive carousels, Christmas trees, snowmen, lanterns, and more, players can transform all industrial cities into a holiday wonderland.

In the spirit of the season, Ubisoft is also inviting everyone to give Anno 1800 a try by offering a free week of playtime on Uplay or the Epic Games Store. Between December 11 and 18, anyone can play Anno 1800 for free, and I highly recommend you do so.