SCS Software Sheds Light on American Truck Simulator’s California Map Reskin

SCS Software Sheds Light on American Truck Simulator’s California Map Reskin

New details have emerged regarding the sorts of changes players can expect from the California map reskin in American Truck Simulator.

When American Truck Simulator released in 2016, California was the first map players could experience in the game. Since then, it has had a special place in the American Truck Simulator community. Back during their Christmas 2020 livestream, developer SCS Software announced they would be giving the California map in American Truck Simulator a long-awaited makeover. Hardly any specifics were revealed at the time, and the developers have been quiet about the reskin until now.

SCS Software recently shed light on the progress of the California map reskin in a new post on their blog outlining what’s in store for the revamped map. According to the post, the new and improved California map will have a large number of new assets including California-specific signs, architecture, tourist attractions, and more.

There will also be new Agriculture Control Stations located near the state borders where vehicles are inspected for potential invasive species. Drivers hauling goods into California in the game will need to undergo inspections at these control stations upon entering the state.

Although no release date has been announced, the California map update will be free for all American Truck Simulator players when it becomes available. Follow the SCS Software blog for updates and more information.