American Truck Simulator Gets the Western Star 5700XE

American Truck Simulator Gets the Western Star 5700XE

A new truck from the Western Star brand has just pulled up in American Truck Simulator.

Today, developer SCS Software announced that the Western Star 5700XE has been added to the roads of American Truck Simulator. Players can find the vehicle at the Western Star Trucks dealership. The studio has also released a new trailer to commemorate the truck’s debut.

Western Star 5700XE Trailer – American Truck Simulator

The Western Star 5700XE comes with the 54” High Roof Stratosphere and 82” Ultra High Roof Stratosphere as available cab options. Multiple customization options are available for the chassis, engine, and transmission as well.

Teased earlier this month, SCS Software recently announced the Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator, which brings truckers to The Sunflower State. In the upcoming map expansion, players can look forward to cruising past prairies and open fields all throughout the U.S. state of Kansas.  No release date has been announced yet, though players are encouraged to follow the official ATS social media channels for updates.

For more information about the Western Star 5700XE, including several screenshots, head over to the SCS Software blog. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for future American Truck Simulator updates.