Alwa’s Legacy Announced for Nintendo Switch and PC

Alwa’s Legacy Announced for Nintendo Switch and PC

Beta sign-ups are currently underway for Elden Pixels' upcoming Alwa’s Awakening successor, Alwa’s Legacy.

Independent game developer Elden Pixels has confirmed that their second studio title, Alwa’s Legacy, will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer. The announcement follows the success of the game’s Kickstarter campaign in December 2019.

The 16-bit platformer and successor to 2017’s Alwa’s Awakening features retro-style visuals and offers a new take on the metroidvania genre. You can check out Alwa’s Legacy in the announcement trailer below.

Alwa’s Legacy Announcement Trailer

Alwa’s Legacy promises challenging puzzles and an open-ended world filled with dungeons to explore. The non-linear world design is built to keep players engaged as they discover new secrets and valuable magic items. Realistic lighting also enhances the already stunning pixel-art aesthetic.

The game picks up after the end of Alwa’s Awakening, putting players in the shoes of Zoe as she makes her way back home. Zoe must retread familiar ground as she attempts to save the world from a mysterious curse that has swept the land. Thanks to the game’s character upgrade system, players can choose their preferred play style, whether it be offensive, defensive, or more exploratory in nature.

“Alwa’s Legacy is the game we’ve always wanted to make, with an expansive game world to explore full of bosses, secrets and amazing platforming challenges,” said Mikael Forslind, Game Designer for Elden Pixels. “It’s been a tough journey but thanks to the pledges and support of our fans it has now been made possible.”

The Alwa’s Legacy closed beta sign-ups are currently available on the Elden Pixels website. The closed beta will be held on PC in April 2020. Head over to the Alwa’s Legacy beta sign-up form for a chance to become one of the first to play this upcoming platformer. Alwa’s Legacy will release sometime this summer on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Visit the official website for additional details and updates.