AirportSim Coming to PC and Consoles in 2023

AirportSim Coming to PC and Consoles in 2023

Take on the role of an airport ground handler in this realistic upcoming airport sim from MS Games.

During the Future Games Show presentation on June 11, independent game studio MS Games revealed AirportSim, a realistic airport ground crew simulator coming to consoles and PC next year. A new gameplay trailer revealing what the game has in store is available below.

AirportSim Reveal Trailer

In AirportSim, players take on the role of an airport ground handler at a realistic airport. The game features true-to-life airport models based on real-world airports, as well as dynamic, customizable weather conditions to make for a more immersive simulation. Players are tasked with performing various ground crew duties between flights, such as offloading luggage or refueling aircraft.

AirportSim will feature several game modes for players to choose from. There’s Campaign Mode, which includes a set flight schedule based on real-world flight operations. Those looking for more flexibility can opt for Free Play mode, which offers randomly assigned tasks and the ability to control the weather. Visitor Mode lets players freely explore the airport without having a work schedule. Players looking to work alongside friends can do so in Co-op Mode.

The developers at MS Games have gone the extra mile to ensure AirportSim is as realistic an experience as possible. “AirportSim doesn’t only simulate real vehicles and their behaviors, but above all, faithful visual replicas of existing real-world airports and aircraft,” reads the AirportSim Steam page. “For this, we’ve established partnerships with many companies in the aviation industry. Under their supervision, we’ve developed some of the most significant functionalities of AirportSim.”

AirportSim is scheduled to land on Xbox Series X/S and Steam in 2023. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for updates.