Where to Find Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe

Where to Find Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe

If you plan on making some Apothics, or Antitoxins, you are going to need some Moonlight Dragonlily.

The Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe is a rare plant that is used to make the Nightfall Apothic, Vermillion Anitoxin, Topaz Antitoxin, and Lapis Antitoxin. It will only grow in certain places, and at certain times. You will also need to make sure that you have a Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner in your Gear Wheel if you want to collect it.

Where to Find Moonlight Dragonlily

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The Moonlight Dragonlily will only grow on the Grineer Forests tileset, and it is only found during the night cycle on Earth. It can often be found growing near grassy areas, or bodies of water. The Moonlight Dragonlily is not a naturally occurring plant and was engineered by the Orokin. The Grineer Forrest tileset is only used on Earth and can be found at any of the following missions.

  • Cambria – Spy
  • Cervantes – Sabotage
  • E Prime – Exterminate
  • Eurasia – Mobile Defense
  • Everest – Excavation
  • Gaia – Interception
  • Lith – Defense
  • Mantle – Capture
  • Coba – Dark Sector Defense
  • Tikal – Dark Sector Excavation

To harvest the plant, you need to scan it with your Codex Scanner, or Synthesis Scanner. The Helios Sentinel can also scan it for you. If you have the Cross-Matrix Widget for your Synthesis Scanner, then each scan can count as two, giving you twice as many plants. Which mission you want to run to get the plant is really up to you. Earth is the starting planet, so all enemies here are low level. You should not have any significant issues during any of the missions.

Generally speaking, it is a bad idea to run an Excavation mission to farm these, as you will need to stay close to the Excavators and cannot really explore. Defense missions, while taking place on a small map, can often have the plant located on the edges of the play area. I like just to run Captures, as you can quickly finish the mission then check the rest of the level for the plant.

Once you have enough of the plant collected, return to your Orbiter, then use the Foundry to build the item that you need. I hope this guide helped you track down the Moonlight Dragonlily, Tenno!