Warframe Hold Your Breath Challenge Guide

Warframe Hold Your Breath Challenge Guide

For the Nightwave Kuva Survival Challenge, you will need to spend 60 minutes in a Kuva Survival mission.

The weekly challenges for Warframe’s Nightwave have just ticked over, and one of the Elite level challenges is a bit of a doozy. For the Hold Your Breath Challenge, you will need to spend 60 minutes in a Kuva Survival mission, without using any life support modules. Yeah, it’s a bit of a rough one. It can be done, however! And with the right Warframes in your squad, it will be much easier than you might expect. In this guide, I will run through what I think is the perfect squad to help you get this challenge completed.

Warframe Hold Your Breath Challenge

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First things first, let’s clear up some confusion. What the challenge wants you to do is spend an hour in the mission, without using any of the extra life support that the Lotus will send you. You can turn these into Kuva Siphons. They will provide a small amount of life support, but not as much as they would normally. Instead, you will be trying to survive on the life support units that dead enemies drop. The key to the Hold Your Breath Challenge is to generate as many of these as you can. Protecting the Kuva Siphons will also be of critical importance.

Now let’s take a look at a solid squad for this challenge.

So I Guess We Are Some Kind of Survival Squad, Huh?

There are different, very important roles that need to be played in this type of squad. Let’s go through each Warframe you should bring and what it excels at.


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The Nekros Warframe is really important. His ability to re-roll the loot tables of dead enemies is vital when it comes to creating more life support units. Without this guy, the Hold Your Breath Challenge will be incredibly hard to complete. Whoever is playing Nekros should take the Despoil mod, as this will change the resource you use to cast your Desecrate ability from Energy to Health. Desecrate results in a lot of extra life orbs, so you will be able to spam the ability. You may also want to take something that cuts down on your cast time, but that is not essential.


Warframe Saryn 1024x576 - Warframe Hold Your Breath Challenge Guide


Kuva Survival enemies are Grineer, and those beefy boys come with lots of heavily armored units. As you progress into the hour-long challenge, they are going to get very tough to kill. A spore-build Saryn with good ability range will cut through that armor. This will lead to quicker kills, more dead enemies, and more re-rolls from Nekros. It is also a good idea to stack as many Corrosive Projection Aura mods as you can into the squad.


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Everyone’s favorite dimensional side-stepper plays a very important roll in the Nightwave Kuva Survival Challenge. You will need to start and protect the Kuva Siphons by hunting down the marked enemy, killing them, then taking the Kuva Catalyst to the life support module. Once you have done this, enemies will try to destroy the module. This is Limbo’s time to shine. His Cataclysm ability will protect the Siphon. Build it for a long duration and a small size, and you will be able to protect them without interfering with your team’s need to do a lot of killing.


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The last Warframe is optional. You can double up on the roles you have already covered if you wish. I would suggest thinking about a Hydroid, however. If you take a Hydroid with the Pilfering Swarm mod, then his fourth ability will have the chance to make enemies drop extra loot. Those dead enemies can then be re-rolled again by Nekros. He can also completely shutdown entire entrances, keeping enemies at bay. He is a great choice for the fourth Warframe in your survival squad.

Warframe Nightwave Kuva Survival Hints And Tips

  • Focus on your role! Don’t get sidetracked by other things; just focus on what you as an individual need to do. This ensures the task gets done and doesn’t put more pressure on your team to cover for you.
  • Don’t pick up life support, or start a Kuva Siphon, unless you need to. Any life support gained when you are at 100% already will just be lost.
  • Stick together. The Kuva Fortress is a bit of a warren, so stay close together to keep all enemies within a good range for Saryn and Nekros.
  • Take some armor-shredding, heavy-hitting guns. Those Grineer are going to get seriously tanky later in the hour.
  • Bring lots of Health and Energy modules with you. You never know when you will need them.
  • Only ever have one Kuva Siphon running at a time. They can be hard to protect, and you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin.

Following these tips should help you finish up the Hold Your Breath Challenge in Warframe. There are other ways to do it, so if you have some suggestions for how to complete this challenge, feel free to leave them in the comments.